Prisha’s Councillor investiture

Prisha was excited and happy, and we were proud parents as she was awarded her senior councillor badge by her school Principal Mdm Wong ! So 6th Feb morning was a busy one for Jaanu as he had to do his dropping off duty followed by attending the ceremony and was he proud ? Very !


Mum’s here for a visit – 8 Dec 2016

The d-day is here. Finally ! Went to the airport in time today to pick up a and what a happy feeling ! It is always so nice to get a hug from your mum, she is never happy with you , finds faults in everything you do but makes you feel like a child again and that she knows you best and no one else knows better 🙂 And well it is the best feeling in the world to feel so loved , i feel like a baby , fussed over at a time and standing in the corner after being scolded the very next ..ha ha

Ganesh Chaturthi -5/09/2016 September 2016

Ganesh is here again, and fortunately it is the September break ! Went to bikram yoga today followed by a trip to little India to pick stuff !

Picked up our dear Ganesh ji, fruits, flowers and mithai . The house is fragrant with the jasmine flowers and our mouths are sweetened by modak and barfi from mogul sweet ! Ganpati nappa ham par hame sha apni apar krupa rakhiye.  Ganpati bappa moriya  !