Telunas Camp-Sasha 5-8 Mar 19

Its camping time, Sasha is all set to go for her first overseas camp to Telunas resort, Indonesia. I am sure that she will have lots of fun, I wish to see her soon, safe and sound and full of excitement!

She came back safe, tired and appreciate of the milk she drinks at home 🙂



Prisha turns 14

The little brat is turning 14. We had a bustling, happening weekend with shopping, music and sleepover. Thankfully it was a long weekend. The D-Day was actually more of a hangover with Sasha being grumpy, sleep deprived( the girls slept at 4) and rushing to get homework sorted.

Managed to pick some clothes from Sasha’s latest fad outlet- Melville Brandy or whatever. We are progressing from Smiggles, Typo, Starbucks etc. It’s just getting super pricey. We lunches at Nam nam and view food for a change was nice. Sunday(19th), she went for Endgame, followed by the party at home.

Quite rewarding to see a bunch of giggling teenagers appreciating your food and Sasha beaming with happiness.

Monday was a nice timeout with Pramod, having south indian coffee with dosa. Divine !!!

Prn’s first overnight camp 21-22Feb 2019

Lots of hoo la and excitement ! Pranav moved to the neighbourhood school Radin Mas starting this year after much deliberation and thoughts. Today he went in for his first ever overnight camp in a zoo. Packed his bags a few times to get things right. Gonna miss him tonight am sure though he’s going to have fun 🙂 love you baby, stay safe 👶Back from her trip, tired, tanned and hungry, Sasha seemed to have fun and appreciates her food back home (good to hear that), she also donated her old shoes which would be washed and passed to the kids in the village.

Am we are really glad to have her back, grumpy, grouchy but heart of gold!

Nov 2018

Life seems to be rushing by, targets to meet, sometimes it feels like I have forgotten to breathe.

I think we are fortunate, but sometimes have doubts, why is there a strange feeling of losing when we have so much to flaunt?

Strange wishes i seem to have these days, that of having happiness and peace . Stuff like this i would be laughing at in my teens .

I take a deep breath and sigh. Let me bring myself together and not let life slip by…