Nov 2018

Life seems to be rushing by, targets to meet, sometimes it feels like I have forgotten to breathe.

I think we are fortunate, but sometimes have doubts, why is there a strange feeling of losing when we have so much to flaunt?

Strange wishes i seem to have these days, that of having happiness and peace . Stuff like this i would be laughing at in my teens .

I take a deep breath and sigh. Let me bring myself together and not let life slip by…


2018, June 25- Another day in Paradise

The summer holidays are coming to an end. It has actually ended for Prn, but as the car had some issues and rained all night, he had a reason ( to be more specific we), to bunk school!

I am sitting cross-legged, trying in vain to focus on my assignment on International Mindedness, anxious about the uphill climb I still have ( Thesis and IB modules) before I can reach the Peak. The only push that I have is when I look behind to see how far I have traveled, one whole year of assignments, modules, writing, and learning. It does feel rather satisfying that I have a broader perspective of education and life in general and this should be enough incentive for me to continue pushing myself until I reach the top!

Keep going

Mushroom Soup, Sasha and IKEA

Prn came back with the experience of his first science test ‘Ma what happens to a toasted bread after three days in the cupboard’, ‘Nothing’ was not the reply he was happy about ‘Oh Shit!’, and he started rattling off his other queries. He seems to be taking his studies a little more seriously after his 5/10 score in Maths. Maybe it helps to go down before moving up! More preparations coming soon as the first term tests have begun!

The best part was the evening. Dropped Prn off to the dance class and he insisted Sasha to say hello to his Friend Tanvi. We waited for him to get in and both Sasha and myself strolled towards ikea for our catch up coffee. The add ones were the yum Mushroom soup , buns and the siew mais . Some chatpata gossips, stories of crushes and heartbreaks and also of the Angpao ($2)which one of her classmate tried very hard to share with her, refreshing!

Feb 2018

Its been a rollercoaster ride past two years or so, and I have been really lazy at not writing in stuff. I plan to fill in all the blanks slowly but hopefully not slow enough to take another two years!

In a nutshell, changes- pretty much many, (life still seems to be evolving)- the mighty king has an MBA degree under his belt from INSEAD, Sasha did remarkably well academically in PSLE, scored a good 256, I have taken up a Master’s Course in Education (IB), hoping to get a perspective change and hopefully better work environment, we upgraded our machine to a classy BMW, visited the holy shrine of Tirupati… quite a bit of a change looking back! And I have also turned into a homemaker, for the time being.  The girls have moved the school into an International set up. Seems overwhelming at the moment all these changes, believing it is for the better and life is beautiful to be spent worrying!

Live, Laugh, Love !!

Duet – Mo Om/ chateaux – hubby

A slow Sunday, with Sasha still recovering from her flu(yesterday she looked better than today), me struggling with my assignment 3 , Moni gone to watch Spiderman with her friend Jia Yi and hubby for a trip around Fountainbleu. The evening slightly livened up with Duet performance of Moni and Om. Made a quick biryani and salad . Sasha couldn’t eat dinner at all , started complaining of stomach pain and moni because of her braces can’t eat well. So well it was Om and the maid who enjoyed eating thoroughly!

Spiderman movie 11 Jul 2017

Movie time at Tiong bahru plaza, perfect way to spend Tuesday evening 🙂 watched Spiderman movie which was quite a good one and ended with dinner at Spize ! Hubby having fun  at Paris and we making most of his absence 🙂 . Roti prata and yummy noodles- sinful !