Telunas Camp-Sasha 5-8 Mar 19

Its camping time, Sasha is all set to go for her first overseas camp to Telunas resort, Indonesia. I am sure that she will have lots of fun, I wish to see her soon, safe and sound and full of excitement!

She came back safe, tired and appreciate of the milk she drinks at home 🙂



Prisha turns 14

The little brat is turning 14. We had a bustling, happening weekend with shopping, music and sleepover. Thankfully it was a long weekend. The D-Day was actually more of a hangover with Sasha being grumpy, sleep deprived( the girls slept at 4) and rushing to get homework sorted.

Managed to pick some clothes from Sasha’s latest fad outlet- Melville Brandy or whatever. We are progressing from Smiggles, Typo, Starbucks etc. It’s just getting super pricey. We lunches at Nam nam and view food for a change was nice. Sunday(19th), she went for Endgame, followed by the party at home.

Quite rewarding to see a bunch of giggling teenagers appreciating your food and Sasha beaming with happiness.

Monday was a nice timeout with Pramod, having south indian coffee with dosa. Divine !!!