Mushroom Soup, Sasha and IKEA

Prn came back with the experience of his first science test ‘Ma what happens to a toasted bread after three days in the cupboard’, ‘Nothing’ was not the reply he was happy about ‘Oh Shit!’, and he started rattling off his other queries. He seems to be taking his studies a little more seriously after his 5/10 score in Maths. Maybe it helps to go down before moving up! More preparations coming soon as the first term tests have begun!

The best part was the evening. Dropped Prn off to the dance class and he insisted Sasha to say hello to his Friend Tanvi. We waited for him to get in and both Sasha and myself strolled towards ikea for our catch up coffee. The add ones were the yum Mushroom soup , buns and the siew mais . Some chatpata gossips, stories of crushes and heartbreaks and also of the Angpao ($2)which one of her classmate tried very hard to share with her, refreshing!


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