Duet – Mo Om/ chateaux – hubby

A slow Sunday, with Sasha still recovering from her flu(yesterday she looked better than today), me struggling with my assignment 3 , Moni gone to watch Spiderman with her friend Jia Yi and hubby for a trip around Fountainbleu. The evening slightly livened up with Duet performance of Moni and Om. Made a quick biryani and salad . Sasha couldn’t eat dinner at all , started complaining of stomach pain and moni because of her braces can’t eat well. So well it was Om and the maid who enjoyed eating thoroughly!


Spiderman movie 11 Jul 2017

Movie time at Tiong bahru plaza, perfect way to spend Tuesday evening 🙂 watched Spiderman movie which was quite a good one and ended with dinner at Spize ! Hubby having fun  at Paris and we making most of his absence 🙂 . Roti prata and yummy noodles- sinful !