6 March 2017 – PSLE talks heats up

It has been one of those days , the kind of what’s the big rush kind of days. I felt pressurised and stressed but later kind of at peace with myself and life. can give the due to the kind piano tuner and also my friend Rohini ..whom at times I turn to career advice.

The stress mainly arises from being a parent, feeling whether you are giving the best to your kids, doing the best for them , the pressure of finances , whether you are making enough..and the peace arises from the fact that every stress might actually give rise to looking for a solution which might take you to a higher level of happiness.

Thinking of moving Prisha to an international setup is actually kind of giving a big relief. I am not nagging and pushing her, and well to think of it she is actually trying quite hard. Today her question surprise me . When I picked her up from school, incidently after her science exam, she asked me ” Ma , how much would you like me to score for PSLE?” . A tough question to answer , to be honest , haven’t thought of a number yet. ( Infact i do not want to grade her anymore based on her academics, because i know she has far more potential and creativity than the system can actually examine. But had to answer that so I told her ” hmm, 235 or 240 ish, not thought of a score “. She thought for a moment and said ” Do you think I can only score as much ?”. ” Na , i think you can score 270, but I do not want you to stress too much, as long as you prepare well enough , I am fine. I have no number in my mind. I do not want you to stress too much !! ” Which I really meant . ” I want to score above 250 ” , was what she announced. Now I am really stressed , phew !

Later when she came back though , she decided on making the star wars lego set. And she spent a good 3 hrs painstakingly counting the pieces and putting it all together, brought me such joy to see her determination. love !

It also was Mo’s grade 5 piano exam ( the second time around ) and this time i couldnt make it to drop her. Hubby went during lunch time to be with her. She couldnt get out of school without a big drama though from Mrs. Siva, who threw a big scene over lack of protocol and Rhea nearly missed her exams. Surprises me how people suddenly forget that protocols are set to get things in order and not hinder progress !

Had the piano gentleman come down to tune the piano , he was quite kind and talked about how it would be good to get the kids to stick to the love of music rather than push them for exams and turn them off..i too feel that way , havent felt that for a very long time. Hope i am able to retain my common sense , seem to be getting sucked in this rat race !