Prisha’s 11th Birthday weekend !

Prisha packed goodies for her friends ( Orea biscuits + mechanical pencil ) the night before. Morning was a bit of a rush, but nevertheless she loved her present of an instax camera and we managed to do her aarti with rasmalai as sweet.

After school , dinner was reserved at the much hyped Japanese buffet restaurant – Kiseki @ Orchard Central. True to the reviews, there was not one table vacant, it was busy , it was bustling and exciting. Even though both of us ( Pramod and myself) didn’t find the food really great , the kids loved the experience ..drinks, sushi, satays and desserts ..unlimited !

But the party doesn’t end rolled over to the next day with a trip to the Adventure Cove in Sentosa..we had a roaring good time in the water park and came back evenings..tired but happy ( ish –  there is Prisha and Prn together remember: tired, also Moni in her teens – all acerbic and full of wisdom 😉 )

Finally managed to achieve what we had planned..looking forward to the next birthday MINE – Yippee !!





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