Prisha’s Birthday Prep

The mischievous monkey of the house seems to be hitting big numbers ..turning 11 in two days ! Unbelievable that my little brat is turning into..well lets say a big bossy brat :)) but truly adorable nevertheless ( being mum , how do i admit she is totally spoilt..i still love her to the core ) !

Willing to try new stuff, very creative esp with her hair ( she can braid her hair beautifully) and also seen very often with volcanic face packs, she still can throw a tantrum in the highest of decibels and get her way . This time around she wants her presents to be a surprise, and we are getting instax camera ( i think she might have more or less guessed it as she saw quite a few tabs regd it open on the laptop), but i hope she is still surprised.

She has requested for a Japanese meal and it would be a good prep for our upcoming Japan holiday in Nov.

At the moment Prish and Prn are the best of giggly friends and the worst of enemies..even having me around most of the times doesn’t seem to deter them from having a verbal world war 3 ! Hopefully now, with Prn having turned 7 and Sash turning 11, we can see some peace treaties signed ! No signs of Moni buying a gift though and Prn oblivious ( he was talking during lunch though that didi says we must buy a present but dont know when ) I hope Sash doesnt feel hurt by afterthoughts ! Wake up Mo, be thoughtful, caring, loving and your love !!


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