Prnz 7th Birthday

Super excited for the super day..Prn had been counting days to turn 7 and finally when he did he was very very happy !

We got him his gift a week back with the condition that he could only use it on his birthday ( a bag, a frisbee and a new pair of slippers ) but he had another surprise too..a Mario car game to be played on his Wii !

Papa took a leave and we picked him up from school, bought a birthday cake and prepared for the small celebration with friends at home !

5ish his friends came over, had some games, musical chairs and nuggets and pizza !

Prñav hugges me at night and said ” Best day ever”, surely worth all the running around and effort !



14-16 April 2016- Camp P-5

Prisha’s in camp yet again. This so far is her 3rd camp ( first 2 being for councillor training !). So now she is packed of for the next 2 nights to Changi ( not prison !). She was super excited and very particular about packing everything on the list passed by the school ! I waiting to see what the colour of the tee shirt is going to be – Prisha is wishing for a blue ( her newest favourite colour)

We had a indo chinese meal last night which was a veg meal due to navratras – hakka noodles, schezwan rice , gobhi manchurian and chili paneer at Copper Chimney. It was  so so tasting dinner but the kids loved it !

Looking forward to having our next week together-waiting for Sha to be sure she must be having a great time and is just going to come back and zzzz ( snore )!

March Overview

March came and went,bouts of illnesses ( Prisha sick, Rhea sick and also me ), march holidays and definitely the highlight – My solo travel to meet my side of the family!

There were some nice fun moments in the march hols – going to the zoo and also to Sentosa !