February 2016 – Overview

Hmm, now that I come to think of it, the month of February, the littlest of the all also zoomed by. Well what have been the highlights /lowlights?

  • My career -I started work, on 1st Feb with dreams of being a stay home mum sometime           ( which honestly even I believe is a different kind of dream – a nightmare). It seems quite luxurious at the moment to stay home after everyone has gone to work, doll up and catch up with friends and maybe manicure your nails or go shopping ( but deep down I know that’s not my cup of tea, well not the tea I can have everyday). Well, every cloud has a silver lining – right from day two, I started looking forward to the salary – hmm ahem and the following week a long weekend.
  •  Chinese New Year -February is usually pretty festive in SG, with Chinese new year..loads of people looking happy, shopping and feeling more relaxed. The best part being the tons of good luck rituals I catch up with..decorating the house with Red..Lo hei , sleeping late at night on the eve, wearing Happy colours like red and pink …We went to the zoo, met up a few friends and chilled a bit..
  • Vista Park – Another exciting thing, went to meet friends on one of the days and as we had time, on our way back went to greet some memories..at Vista Park. The starting point of our journey in Singapore, the place where we came as a couple and had our first little Princess. I was surprised to note that I could still remember most of the things..infact seemed like I could see the images dancing in front of my eyes..that of taking Moni for a stroll, walking around the estate and so much more..
  • Started Moni on to enrichment classes and focusing more on the other two..i need to start enjoying life now..seems like i have everything we could possibly wish for 🙂

The lowlight- Valentines Day, dull and boring and completely unromantic.



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