19 Feb 2016

Days are flying by into weeks and weeks into months. Seems like I am racing fast in time, trying to keep pace with life…

Moni is already into Sec 2, started her on Enrichment classes so that I could stop nagging her to work, hope fully this helps her and me. Prisha is already into P-5, haven’t began working with her yet, hopefully with my second time around should be easier for me to guide her..need to wait and watch. And the prince of our family ids already into P-1, but seems to be growing up into a bratty prince..wants just to have fun no work đŸ˜‰

Life at times seems perfect and sometimes far from it ..but one thing is for sure, wouldn’t want to change anything about it.

Yesterday was Kathak and Tabla day, rushed into Mustafa and went to Perumal temple on our way back. We extended the day by having dinner at an indian vegetarian place..was a nice experience. Kids seem to be growing to appreciate all kind of cuisine..i love them absolutely !